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3D Mech Designs offer MEP Building Information Modelling (otherwise known as BIM) to generate a detailed digital representation of a facility or project. More than just a 3D design, BIM can provide extensive time and cost saving applications across all phases of your project. Imagine viewing the structure even before it is constructed? BIM does this effortlessly and offers a comprehensive 3D visualisation on any residential, industrial or commercial building as per your original files and supporting information. With thorough mechanical, electrical and plumbing 3D modelling, BIM combines all the 2D elements into one useful model.

You can capitalise on the benefits of MEP BIM services thanks to advanced software applications such as AutoCAD, Revit and Inventor. Our qualified team are knowledgeable in all the latest industry advancements and will ensure that all 3D models meet strict Australian national and state building standards and construction codes.

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MEP Coordination / Clash Detection

Our engineers provide shop drawings and MEP BIM coordination services on all kinds of commercial, industrial, residential, educational and multi-purpose buildings and projects. From HVAC BIM services through to piping and plumbing BIM services, we will coordinate with your team to ensure that our final drawings are representative of your needs and are as detailed and as accurate as possible. We work to the highest and strictest standards and utilise clash detection tools to maintain efficiency and high standards at all times. Our strict processes and attention to detail will determine quality each step of the way.

Accurate and comprehensive MEP Coordination drawings are essential to the success of your commercial or industrial project. Through our coordination or composite drawings, we can avoid any conflicts in the internal layout of the ducts and piping, particularly in those buildings with extensive MEP requirements. MEP coordination will help you identify any issues that may occur during the construction process and offer many time and cost benefits. As any MEP issues are solved in the pre-construction stage, tight schedules and build budgets can be maintained.

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MEP Shop Drawing

Due to limited budgets and time constraints, manufacturers and fabricators are seeking MEP shop drawings and fabrication drawings to assist them in the build process. From 3D modelling to mechanical CAD conversion services, 3D Mech Designs take their time to ensure that all their work is delivered in the appropriate format as determined by the client in the initial discussions. Our project managers are familiar with all the national and state building codes and Australian manufacturing standards and will confirm that all drawings meet these requirements before passing them over to our client.

Our specialised team of drafters and engineers offer an extensive MEP shop drawing service for all plumbing, duct and piping aspects as well as MEP coordination. As the drawings are essentially a fabricator or manufacturer’s map of prefabricated components, precision is paramount. Our highly professional team of engineers will demonstrate their commitment to quality through their drawings, in turn cementing our engineer-client relationship.

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MEP 3D Modelling

3D Mech Designs offers up a wide range of MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) services including MEP 3D modelling and coordination for architects, contractors and builders. To improve the communication and coordination between the various building departments, MEP 3D modelling is beneficial to reduce errors and overruns on commercial, residential and industrial constructions. Utilising the latest in CAD software technology, all of the 3D modelling work is carried out in a professional environment to ensure it meets strict Australian industry standards and client requirements.

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Builders Work Drawing

While builders work drawings are just one piece of documentation required in the building process, they are an essential part of the building process as they detail dimensioned information that can be used by a contractor to complete any project. Their function is to provide information on all the openings for foundations, walls and slabs pertaining to plumbing, fire fighting, electrical, piping and HVAC such as hot and cold water supply and return pipes, supply and return air ducts, and waste and soil pipes. Builders work drawings are required in the preliminary stages of a building project before a contractor can begin pouring concrete on a building site.

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As-Built Drafting Service

3D Mech Designs provides as-built drafting services to clients on a variety of builds including government, residential, commercial and industrial projects. As-built drawings cover modifications throughout the construction stage of the process as well as additional changes requested by the build team due to unforeseen problems or complications. As construction modifications occur, the changes are subsequently marked in the plans and as-built drawing and modelling services are carried out to completion. The as-built drawings are then sent to the client to complete their final set of building records and act as a reference document when comparing actual builds to the pre-build stage of the project.

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Piping Spool Drawing

A pipe spool drawing will take into account all of the details and is optimised to provide all the information needed by the fabricator to accurately manufacture or assemble the spool. To minimise errors and misinformation, the piping spool drawings encompass the complete information of all of the parts that will be welded together in the shop onto one single drawing. This will act as a guide to give them a better understanding of the layout of the pipes and the various spools, as well as the individual sections of the pipe. The spools connect at various junctions throughout the structure and can be pre-fabricated for future installation and then shipped to the site for assembly.

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MEP BOM and BOQ Quantity Take Off Services

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Bill of Materials (MEP BOM), Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and take offs involve the assessment and estimation of the construction project to determine viability. The bill of materials and bill of quantities are prepared in the early stages of the pre-build process and are essential to the cost estimation process. Our estimators can assist with BOQ and BOM creation, as well as quantity take offs and metal fabrication cutting lists to detail final fabrication information including material and labour costs.

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MEP Conversion Services

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Conversion Services are just one of the many services we offer at 3D Mech Designs for designers, builders, contractors and manufacturers. We provide MEP conversion for mechanical drawings, concept drawings and sketches, and convert them into 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional CAD designs. We will happily accept your PDFs, JPGs, GIFs, AutoCAD files, scanned images or other electronic files and convert them into whatever format you require. As all of our clients have different needs and challenges to overcome, we will work hard to ensure that your MEP conversion service needs are met, and the work is completed to meet your specific timeline.


Revit MEP Family Creation Services

Revit Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Family Creation Services encompasses a wide range of BIM services including our MEP family preparation, architectural Revit families, 2D family creation, MEP family creation, building system families and structural family creation. At 3D Mech Designs, it is our responsibility to select the most appropriate template while taking into account all the parameters to provide the best design solutions to our clients. We offer Revit Family Creation Services for all kinds of commercial, industrial and residential projects thanks to the support of our qualified engineering team. Regardless of the format of your original documents, we will accept your sketches, photos and electronic files and create the highest graphic quality possible using Revit software. By creating Revit families, you will have a better understanding of your overall project requirements and ultimately minimise cost and time due to reduced limitations and increased problem-solving strategies.

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HVAC Design and Drafting Services

HVAC design and drafting services are important in a design project to improve on the efficiency and comfort of the building. We can assist with all kinds of heating systems including forced air, central heating, hot water heating, central air and home heating, and come up with cost-effective solutions to suit your business or project. We offer a wide range of HVAC design and drafting services for various kinds of heating systems such as, central, forced air, hydronic, hot water, radiant, central air, and home heating. Our HVAC drafting services will provide design solutions to suit your building requirements whether industrial, commercial or residential.